1. This is what my only phone charger currently looks like:
    1d9a1243 b6e4 462e 9534 23b9db006d0c
    I have no real plans to replace it
  2. I regularly finish writing papers 15 minutes before they are due
    Without editing them
  3. I have reworn dirty socks in the last month instead of doing laundry
  4. @BuzzFeed is my main news source
    No offense, @BuzzFeed
  5. For lunch today I had a corndog with a side of pigs in a blanket
    And then another corndog for second dinner
  6. My nightstand is a mini fridge
    Containing 4 beers and a gallon of ice cream that I have a spoonful of if I wake up in the middle of the night
  7. I can't remember the last time I wore real pants
  8. It was embarrassingly easy to come up with this list
  9. And I'll probably add to it soon