1. The time: last week
  2. The place: The Home Depot
  3. I was rigging a house for a new show I'm working on.
  4. The gaffer on the show and I went to The Home Depot to get some supplies we needed.
  5. As we're walking down an aisle this set of twins rudely walks by us and I was like "wow, what a couple of jabronies..."
  6. The twins naturally reminded me of that scene from the office where Dwight interrupts Michael at the bar because he found twins.
  7. So I asked the gaffer if she watched the office. She she said no, so I explained the whole scene.
  8. At which point I finished explaining the scene with the words, " and then Dwight says, I love finding a good set of twins and they reveal it's just two fat dude twins."
  9. At this point I see a weird look come across her face and the gaffer says, "oh, yeah I know that episode. One of the twins is my boyfriend..."
  10. The rest of the day was kind of awkward and we parted ways after the set up week.
  11. But she sent me this photo yesterday of her boyfriend wearing this shirt.
  12. It's a small world, people.
  13. The End.