1. Dr. Dog - Psychedelic Swamp
    This album is really good. You can stream it from the link below thanks to NPR first listen. This comes out February 5th!
  2. Miike Snow - III
    It's been a long 4 years without any new Miike Snow. The single "Ghengis Khan" is pretty good. I have high hopes for the rest of the album. Out on March 4th.
  3. Sky Ferreira - Masochism
    No release date yet but I'm hopeful it will be this summer.
  4. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - PersonA
    Out on April 15th. I'm a little antsy. This will be the band's first album without Jade but excited none the less.
  5. Twin Peaks - Down in Heaven
    Out on May 13th. Bold move naming their band Twin Peaks but they jam HARD.
  6. My Morning Jacket - TBA
    There have been rumors they are going to have an immediate follow up to The Waterfall. Apparently they had a ton of material last time around but didn't want to make a double LP. Here's hoping for 2016.
  7. Kings of Leon - TBA
    One of my favorite bands. I get scared every time they put out new music but u have been disappointed yet.
  8. Vampire Weekend - Mitsubishi Macchiato
    Ezra Koenig just posted this past week that they are working on new music. Here's to hoping it comes out in 2016.