1. Zombieland
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    This cameo left me speechless until Woody Harrelson yelled "Bill Fucking Murray!!!" Which I then yelled.
  2. Coffee and Cigarettes
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    He hangs out with RZA & GZA all as themselves... And he drinks straight from a coffee pot. It's fucking genius!
  3. Space Jam
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    We have very similar styles of playing basketball. We only play offense.
  4. Little Shop of Horrors
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    Bill Murray as the patient. Steve Martin as the dentist. Genius.
  5. Osmosis Jones
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    This movie is pretty awesome on its own. If you remember this is taking place inside of Bill Murray the whole movie, it's even better.
  6. The Grand Budapest Hotel
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    Watch the behind the scenes where he buys and eats a bratwurst.
  7. Dumb and Dumber To
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    Cooking meth and calling it rock candy is pretty hilarious... When Billy Murray does it.
  8. Get Smart
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    Just Bill in a tree. Love it.
  9. Parks and Recreation
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    Mayor Gunderson, what a guy.
  10. The Darjeeling Limited
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    Bill Murray running to catch a train in India. I wish he made it on.
  11. Charlie's Angels
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    Good ol' Bosley.
  12. Ghostbusters 3?