Hit a bro up.
  1. Bill Murray
    Actor/Comedian. If you're reading this I hope you know who Bill Murray is... Even if we sat in silence the whole time I would still be grinning ear to ear.
  2. Jim James
    Lead singer/guitarist for My Morning Jacket. Jim seems like he has a great attitude toward life and the universe. I'd love to pick his brain about music, art, actually everything.
  3. Gordon Willis
    Famous Director of Photography, deceased. Gordon shot The Godfather, Annie Hall, Manhattan, Klute, and many more. He was a pioneer in low light cinematography and has a great approach to filmmaking. PICTURED is a scene from Annie Hall where he suggested they build a set where they could achieve a practical illusion of Woody Allen & Diane Keaton at their respective therapists instead of achieving the same illusion in post. Link to the scene:
  4. Aziz Ansari
    Actor/Comedian. We would TREAT ourselves Parks and Rec style.
  5. Dave Grohl
    Musician. I could ask all my burning Nirvana questions and shotgun beers, then I would butcher some Foo Fighters songs on the drums.
  6. Mel Brooks
    Writer/Director/Producer/Comedian. A true master of comedy. I just have a million questions for him.
  7. Larry David
    Writer/Director/Actor. This would be like a scene out of Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm but maybe our witty banter could start a new show?
  8. Mac Demarco
    Musician. If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Mac IRL, he is the man. We'd probably just chill at the beach since his house is on the water now.