Here's some new new emoji humor I guess.
  1. 🍆🦀➡️🏥, 🍑🦀➡️🏥
    New low key way to tell that one night stand you have crabs.
  2. 🌯🤑💁🏼
    When guac is extra at chipotle but you don't give AF
  3. 🌮🌮🌯➡️😩💩👌🏻🤗🤘🏻
    Describing the shit you took after eating a Taco Bell $5 dinner box
  4. 🕴
    Chris Angel?
  5. 🇨🇺👨🏻💭🏖🐷🖕🏻
    Reminding someone that Fidel Castro hasn't forgotten about the bay of pigs
    Suggested by @lisarojas