1. My Morning Jacket
    I usually listen to mostly 1 band for months on end and MMJ has been that band since early 2015. Saw them for the 4th time last month (pictured).
  2. Brie Larson
    My biggest celebrity crush. Changes every few years and it's been Brie Larson ever since I saw Short Term 12 two years ago. There's no end in sight to this... I can't wait to see Room!!!
  3. Amazon Prime
    This has basically replaced Netflix for me with the exception of Master of None.
  4. Ginger Ale
    I don't know what it is because I'm not really a soda person anymore but I can't stop drinking ginger ale.
  5. My beard/long hair
    I feel like I've invested way to much time in this to turn back now but I probably will eventually.
  6. San Diego
    Moved here 2 weeks and I kind of never want to leave...