I freelance in the camera department of mostly reality shows & commercials.
  1. I get to meet/work with amazing people (and animals)
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    It's rare (to me at least) to work on a crew that I dread. And sometimes you get to hangout with animals. This three legged "Champion" was a neighborhood dog when I worked on Hoarders.
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    Sometimes you get used to all the awesome food (especially if you're on a Food Network show or something) that you get disappointed in a meal here and there but then I remember I didn't pay for it so it's really not that bad.
  3. I get to take cool photos
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    I try to snap photos when I can. Landscapes are my favorite.
  4. You get to travel!
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    I've done shows in small towns and big cities. Kind of cool seeing how people across the country live. I'm moving to San Diego for 4 months in December. Where my San Diego listers at!?
  5. It's never boring
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    For example, I got to hangout in an airplane hangar last week and film private jets.
  6. I have time to write and pursue other passions
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    I always wanted to be a screenwriter for a living but sometimes you have to pay the bills and playing with cameras is fun. I still write as much as I can though.
  7. I can unplug for a while
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    Usually when you're working 60+ hour weeks you don't have time to be online. It also helps if you're in the middle of nowhere and don't get reception as well.
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    This is self-explanatory 🍾🤘🏻🍻
  9. I try to make the most of my days off.
  10. Today I...
  11. Listened to vinyl during my morning routine
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    This was my dad's turntable growing up and it's amazing. Today was all about The Strokes!
  12. Played with my Lite Brite
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    I've been trying to do a bunch of emojis but I need to order more pieces... This peach is coming along though.
  13. Played my drums
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    I grew up playing the drums but kind of gave up somewhere in high school but IM COMING BACK TO IT! I'd give my skills a C+ right now.
  14. It's 64 degrees in Mid-November (in PA) and I'm going for a run
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  15. May finally try to finish the book I've been reading for 2 months...
    Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut