I've been here for about 2.5 months total now. These are my thoughts so far
  1. Craft beer anywhere & everywhere
  2. The sunsets never get old.
  3. Sea lions so close, I've seen them sneeze on people.
  4. Flippers hang from the power lines, not shoes.
  5. Ryan Lochte sighting
    He was on a date at Dave & Busters. This was his facial expression the whole time. I had the privilege of playing Mario Kart with him and I slaughtered him.
  6. I eat tacos every other day and they're the best I've ever had, everywhere.
    The one pictured is the Surf & Turf taco from Oscar's in Pacific Beach
  7. The Tinder/Bumble game is no joke out here
    Why is everyone so damn attractive?
  8. La Jolla has some of the craziest views
    Just an AC and his bag of lenses on a beach cliff
  9. The desert is a quick drive away
    Here's a hike I went on to potato chip rock. Channeling my inner Ariel here, for you Little Mermaid fans.
  10. I REPEAT. The. Sunsets. Are. Incredible!
    I want to stay forever.