Here are some out of context texts I still have on my high school cell phone
  1. "Do they look real? And why do they blur her face?"
    This was from a girl I had a crush on all of 10th grade. Assuming it was about some big ol' titties but who's to say.
  2. "U going to Sunday school?"
    Yeah gurl, c u there.
  3. "Well i guess it doesnt have to be ur house. And it's fine if ur confused, it's better that way. Where did you want to have it? We could put in on Alex..."
    It sounds like we were planning a hit on someone but in reality this is how you got people to date in high school. You tricked your friends into being in the same room.
  4. "Umm... I'm not going to say now cuz im not sure if ur the right person to ask so im gonna hold off."
    Clearly I was every girls second favorite person to confide in.
  5. "Guess what? The lesson at Sunday school today was the exact same one from last week!"
    That lesson was probably so 🔥 they did it twice
  6. "What does the y intercept tell you for the stat hw?"
    This was from a girl that basically did no hw because she was attractive and preyed on nerds
  7. "Hey. Dont forget caring for Christmas for church is meeting at the church at 630. Bring 20 bucks and help some families in need."
    Totally didn't respond to this one...
  8. "Do u want popcorn chicken?"
    From my mom. The answer is always yes.