The classic cheerleading movie with Kirsten Dunst from the year 2000.
  1. The year was 2001, I was 9 going on 10 years old.
    3rd grade if you want to get technical. I looked like this...
  2. My parents took my brother and I to the video store after we went out to dinner.
    We settled on West Coast Video because our favorite locally owned video store shut down. I'm still not over it.
  3. Ok, we're in the store. My parents are feeling extra generous and let my brother and I check out the new release section...
    THIS NEVER HAPPENS!!!! The Marchewskis are a "2 for 1 sale" kind of people. All of my shoes came from the Payless until I was 12 (I got my first pair of Allen Iverson's but that's a story for another day.
  4. I'm 9 and my brother is 7 so naturally we settle on The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle
    This is the half animated, half live action one that was 🔥. I mean cartoons hanging out with real people. This is every little boy's dream.
  5. When we get home (probably around 8:30pm) my mom says it's to late to watch the movie that night because it's "bedtime"
    I was a pretty steamed 9 year old.
  6. Side note: I was obsessed with movies and TV growing up and I still am.
    Like going to the movies on the weekend was like watching the Super Bowl. There was the kid in some of my elementary school classes and his parents took him to see 2 movies at once every weekend. I was always jealous.
  7. Anyway, I can't really sleep but I plan to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch this sucker.
  8. I wake up at the crack of dawn and watch that sucker!
    I did this a lot as a kid. If it was around Halloween I would eat my Halloween candy at 6am while watching TV.
  9. I pop the VHS tape into the VCR
    I had to rewind the tape. Kids will never know these days...
  10. I start watching and it's a scene of a bunch of cheerleaders dancing around doing cheers.
  11. That's right. I'm watching Bring It On but I have no idea!
  12. I'm just casually thinking, this ok. I know there are real people in this movie, Rocky & Bullwinkle must be coming up. Don't worry.
    I was so wrong.
  13. I get about halfway through the movie and still no Rocky & Bullwinkle...
    I have no idea why I was still watching. I was a very hopeful child I guess.
  14. This is when my mom walks in and starts yelling, "What are you watching!?"
    I'm just like, "Rocky & Bullwinkle... Duh Mom."
  15. She pops out the VHS and starts going crazy that it's the wrong movie
    She calls the video store to complain. It's like 7am so I don't know if she left a message or something?
  16. This means I sat through...
  17. Topless Kirsten Dunst
  18. A girls locker room
  19. The "Bring It On" title sequence
  20. Basically naked Kirsten Dunst
  21. Kirsten Dunst in a bra
  22. And again
  23. And again?
  24. A shitload of cheerleading
  25. More cheerleading
  27. Shocked Kirsten Dunst
  28. The dropping of the cheer stick
  29. Kirsten Dunst getting farted on
  30. Kirsten having this wet dream about Cliff
  31. ...and still thought Rocky & Bullwinkle were going to show up...
    One of the biggest let downs of my life.
  32. I ended up watching Bring It On in its entirety a few years later but nothing beats that first look. What a thrill.
    I was a naive child.