For Eagles and Chiefs fans
  1. The year was 2000, I was 9 years old.
  2. My family and I were at a CHOP benefit dinner at Dave & Busters in Philly.
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    This is an OG Dave & Busters.
  3. Andy Reid hosted a radio show every week in the Dave & Buster's.
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  4. He was supposed to show up to our dinner and sign autographs for all the kids.
    He TOTALLY didn't want to.
  5. Andy walks in gives a couple of waves to everyone after being announced.
    Everyone cheered.
  6. The PA announcer said something like "Andy has to go do his show now."
    Andy turns to leave.
  7. My mom yelled something like "Oh, hell no!"
    She gets up and storms over to Andy Reid and his entourage.
  8. Meanwhile, I had bought a special football for him to autograph.
    I was HYPE.
  9. My mom is casually making a scene and everyone is silent.
    She's yelling at him about how he was supposed to take pictures with kids and sign autographs. Then she kept saying "How dare you."
  10. This goes on for a few minutes until he gives in.
    Even at 9 years old, this is one of the most mortifying moments of my life.
  11. He finally signed my football. Here it is.
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    Ed Rendell was there too and signed my ball...
  12. Also here's a picture of my college roommate (Matt) and Andy Reid from the same night.
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