I went apeshit
  1. Into the White by The Pixies (1989)
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    Live recordings they did for BBC in 1988-89. I love it.
  2. It Still Moves by My Morning Jacket (2003)
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  3. John B. Sebastian (1970)
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  4. Son of a Sailor by Jimmy Buffett (1978)
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  5. Midnight Cowboy soundtrack (1969)
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  6. The Waterfall by My Morning Jacket (2015)
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  7. To Be or Not To Be by Mel Brooks & Anne Bancroft (1983)
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  8. Strange Trails by Lord Huron (2015)
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  9. Coda by Led Zeppelin (1982)
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    I now have Zeppelin's whole discography on vinyl!
  10. Innerspeaker by Tame Impala (2010)
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  11. Real Live John Sebastian (1971)
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  12. Boys & Girls by Alabama Shakes (2012)
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  13. Babel by Mumford & Sons (2012)
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  14. The Best of Lou Reed (1977)
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  15. Thickfreakness by The Black Keys (2003)
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  16. Windsong by John Denver (1975)
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  17. A Wild and Crazy Guy by Steve Martin (1978)
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  18. Dr. Zhivago soundtrack (1965)
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