Just some movies I used to watch that I like to think other people did too
  1. Evolution
    This movie was kind of like the X-Files weird cousin. It had David Duchovny and Seann William Scott. A meteor hits earth and life from it quickly evolves threatening human existence, but in a funny way.
  2. Tremors
    Kevin Bacon and some weird worm things in the middle of the desert? This ones a no brainer.
  3. The Thumb Movies
    These movies were 💯. I remember showing a double feature of Thumbtanic and Thumb Wars at my 13th birthday party. It didn't disappoint.
  4. Kung Pow! Enter the Fist
    This movie was everything when I was 12. I still find myself quoting it even though my friends and I are probably the only people who religiously watched it.
  5. Lloyd
    This was another weird movie that I watched all the time. My Grandmom bootlegged a copy for me. Some awesome performances, especially Taylor Negron, RIP.
  6. Idiocracy
    Suggested by   @ashepinnell