The titanic is sinking. Fuck that string quartet. Who are raging to before plummeting into frigid North Atlantic waters?
  1. The Beach Boys
    There would be something hauntingly beautiful about being on a sinking liner and hearing Surfin' USA followed by God Only Knows live on the top deck. They would be wearing Hawaiin shirts of course...
  2. The Killers
    Everyone can sing along to Mr. Brightside. What a way to go.
    Suggested by   @lesleyann
  3. The Zombies.
    Start out with "Time of the Season" for Vietnam vibes. Move into "Maybe After He's Gone" for an eerily cheerful action scene. And "The Way I Feel Inside" for an eerie moment when the survivors are swimming in the destruction / someone looking back from a rescue boat.
    Suggested by   @brittscott
  4. Twenty One Pilots
    Who wouldn't want to be singing along with these guys moments before death?
    Suggested by   @steph_lessthan3
  5. Double Trouble
    Gonna live, solid rock
    Suggested by   @reconditioner