All of these are proudly displayed in my parents home
  1. My Dwight Schrute glasses/messed up teeth phase
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    These were some rough years and there are so many of these all over my parents house...
  2. This is a close second with the track suit and I'm standing next to a fake tree?
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  3. What monsters let their child dress like that?
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    Jk my parents are awesome.
  4. My young Daniel Radcliffe phase
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    Just a young boy hoping to become a wizard
  5. When my parents let me where a shirt that said "Phartz"
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    And I had a terrible haircut
  6. I wore this "Power Rangers" Halloween costume for 5 years in a row
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    It may still be in the basement
  7. The start of my baseball career
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    Just a young naive boy hoping to make it to the big leagues.
  8. The end of my baseball career
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    I cried in my room for a half hour before this picture was taken because I hated baseball that much. I think I quit that day after being hit by a pitch.
  9. When my mom made us wear Steelers clothing
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    I detest western PA
  10. BONUS: terribly photoshopped picture of me on my parents fridge
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