Five animals that make me want a reef tank.

I'm planning on getting into saltwater fish keeping with the eventual goal of having a mini reef. These are the top five animals that make me want a reef tank.
  1. Tridacna clams: These are just too pretty. Not for beginners, they do well when kept similarly to SPS corals but they need even more calcium.
  2. Mandarin fish: This is my favorite fish. All of my tank stocking choices will be made on the basis of being safe with mandarins. This is another bad choice for beginners.
  3. Bird's nest coral: There's just something about the brilliant pink color and crazy branches that screams coral reef to me.
  4. Favites coral: These corals are highly variable in color, so you can have a few different ones in a tank for variety.
  5. Banggai cardinal fish: Not the flashiest marine fish, but I find the jet black markings on the crisp white beautiful. These fish mouth brood their young, so tank raised ones are easy to find.
  6. Honorable Mention: Frogspawn coral: This adds a lot of motion and weirdness to a tank. I love it but could live without it in my tank.