Guess where I've been for the past 6 weeks
  1. Mothers Day 2016 mom breaks her shoulder in 2 places on our dock
  2. Spend the afternoon in hospital. Husband spends the night looking for a tall commode cause Mom is now staying with us.
  3. Note to self: tell husband how great he is everyday! Especially after leaving him alone with mom for 4 days only 5 days after mother breaks shoulder
  4. Memorial Day 2016 every bed in house filled. Mom still here. I can now sub for physical therapist
  5. Some how this all seemed funny at the time but now.....
  6. June 25 BIRTHDAY Note to self: no more day drinking
  7. July 4th weekend - again every bed in the house filled
  8. July 9 - AUSTRALIA for 12 days. 18 hours on a plane seriously can't wait!!!
  9. Note to self: Take an ad out in the paper telling everyone how great husband is again! He's with Mom and dogs while I peace out.
  10. My life is full :)