While it might be less painful to not listen to the constant griping and complaining, it is good to have them involved. After recently rebuilding part of a deck with two of my sons, here's what I (and they) learned.
  1. Hard work produces results.
    Yes, power tools were involved, but It wasn't all fun and games. Hammers, five pound sledge, crow bars and rippers were involved. Both kids were able to see that their efforts paid off.
  2. Team work produces efficient results.
    Each took on a role and worked together, each contributing to the finished product, helping each other where needed. That surprised me, actually.
  3. Obstacles can be overcome.
    We did run into a few things that did not go as planned, but both helped develop options and worked the problem.
  4. Not everything revolves around video games, YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, snapchat, and texting
    My kids are actually pretty good a disconnecting, but this was easily a four hour stretch where they didn't even think about where their phones were.
  5. Power tools are cool.
    Actually, this should read that the right tool makes the job go easier. For this little project, we used 1 Reciprocating saw, 2 circular saw, 3 miter saw, 4 table saw, 5 power drill, and 6 variable speed hammer drill. So, they got safety lessons too.
  6. A finished job provides its own reward
  7. You have agreed excuse for when it doesn't turn out exactly as planned