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one dude on here is the entire reason I made this list
  1. I like: "exploring the freshest and greatest EDMs"
  2. doesn't look happy in any of his 9 pictures
  3. I am: "too hot to handle"
    respectfully beg to differ
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sometimes legit, sometimes shallow
  1. the "alcoholic Santa" picture wasn't appealing
    nor was the inclusion of "able to rage" under things he looks for in a date
  2. profile dog wasn't enough to make up for his face
  3. one of his pictures looked like it was taken in that old Windows background with the field
    also, really bad color adjustment
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Setting the bar lower doesn't necessarily make your chances of matching higher.
  1. has a pulse
  2. can talk about something other than reality TV
  3. is passionate about something
    Good in principle, but what if I'm passionate about reality TV?
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  1. when men's and women's bathrooms aren't right next to each other
  2. when people don't squeeze out the sponge and it gets gross
    wet sponge smell is one of my least favorites
???? I'm 22 I'm too young for this
  1. spicy
  2. aesthetic
  3. nutty
    honestly I never knew what this meant
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some of these will probably never happen
  1. Frank Ocean
    if I can get my ass to LA it's gonna happen
  2. Childish Gambino
    but especially circa 2013, so I think I missed the boat
  3. Israel Kamakawio'ole
    it'll never happen (he passed away) but he's Iconic and also the major musical artist of my childhood
4 more...
  1. the prom pants story
    ask me about this one I love it I'm telling it at his wedding and his funeral
  2. the jalapeño story
  3. the garlic butter shrimp story
  4. "it's like getting punched in the face with a lemon"
(that I can remember)
  1. Mon. 5/15/17
    dreamed about going to a concert and leaving before the headliner because my friends were all tired
  2. Tues. 5/16/17
    dreamed about going to a tournament via BART
  3. Wed. 5/17
    my entire nuclear family was together again, grocery shopping
13 more...
  1. speech bubbles
    December 2016–January 2017
  2. Japanese desserts
    mid-March 2017
  3. comics
    mid-May 2017
  4. embroidery
    mid-June to mid-July
because the negatives keep track of themselves
  1. D@U
  2. using brush pens to color
  3. signing up for Instagram
  4. switching to bralettes