(that I can remember)
  1. Mon. 5/15/17
    dreamed about going to a concert and leaving before the headliner because my friends were all tired
  2. Tues. 5/16/17
    dreamed about going to a tournament via BART
  3. Wed. 5/17
    my entire nuclear family was together again, grocery shopping
  4. Thurs. 5/18
    late to work because I had kendo practice in the morning, but I was with beginners for some reason and we couldn't do kakarikeiko because we all had to leave
  5. Mon. 5/22
    i was at a party celebrating my engagement to a friend, but I was scared and felt that I wasn't ready, so I sought comfort from another friend. wound up reaffirming the engagement and feeling good about it.
  6. Tues. 5/23
    dream 1: caught an Aerodactyl in PokeGo // dream 2: eating too-watery oatmeal
  7. Wed. 5/24
    I was in an exchange program (?); teaching people how to draw; Pokémon was involved; had a SO/not-SO
  8. Thurs. 5/25
    really bad dream about getting ready to fly to Japan but not having all my stuff and not being able to find the right terminal
  9. 5/28/17
    I've been having this dream for the last 40min where I keep missing my flight because I'm late to the airport
  10. 5/28/17 (Sun.) for real
    I don't even know how to parse this dream but it happened
  11. 5/30/17 (Tu)
    another dream where I try to scream but no sound comes out
  12. 5/31/17 (W)
    everyone from the dojo was mad at my team, so I gave a super emotional speech claiming responsibility for all of our shortcomings while in tears
  13. 6/27/17
    got a really bad haircut – layers were blunt and uneven
  14. 7/3/17
    I tried to seme a dude who was harassing my friend into active traffic and it almost worked
  15. Fri. 7/7/17
    two women dressed as cops were trying to break into my house by dismantling one of the front windows. my brother and I fought them off by hitting them with kitchen tools
  16. 7/29/17
    my first ex from high school worked at the same company as me (he was a bio major??)