sometimes legit, sometimes shallow
  1. the "alcoholic Santa" picture wasn't appealing
    nor was the inclusion of "able to rage" under things he looks for in a date
  2. profile dog wasn't enough to make up for his face
  3. one of his pictures looked like it was taken in that old Windows background with the field
    also, really bad color adjustment
  4. honestly...I'm just not that athletic
  5. face looked airbrushed
  6. profile was uninteresting
    this one is gonna show up a lot
  7. I'm intimidated by triathletes and Stanford is way too close to home
    also – how do surgery residents have time to date??
  8. I'm not interested in motorcycles or bouldering
  9. had League under their interests
  10. looked too much like one of my coworkers
  11. just didn't seem very interesting
    "Fun, Adventurous, Happy"
  12. works for Uber
  13. the phrase "Amazon prime and dine"
    I'm still not sure what this means
  14. the phrase "talks nerdy but can turn it around at a moment's notice"
    he might be cool otherwise but I also don't like tennis
  15. I'm not interested in Napa or golf
  16. the combination of LQ selfies + "working out" as first on the list of interests
  17. no compelling reason to reject but none to approve either
  18. "consumed by wanderlust"
  19. he just...wrote so much on his profile...
    he's clearly v smart but maybe also a lil full of himself
  20. had a picture of himself flipping off the camera at commencement
    and another picture that also looked like he was flipping off the camera lmao
  21. a little too full of confidence
  22. a little too into working out and raving
  23. badminton, rock climbing, memes, and dogs cover the interests of 90% of Asian guys my age
    you might be smart but damn stop sucking classical music's dick for a sec
  25. listed DFW and Murakami as fave authors
  26. wait why DID I pass on this guy
    prolly because he's a cat person
  27. boring profile – I assume everyone likes to hang out with their friends
  28. if playing tennis and eating food are your only two interests, IDK what to say to you
  29. "Adventurous, laid back, hardworking" are three personality qualities that are at odds with each other
  30. blank profile + not that cute
  31. I'm not super into sports
    nothing personal
  32. "I like: lifting, video games"
  33. I am not an adrenaline junkie
    also he looks like a less cute version of a guy I used to go out with
  34. he just kinda looks like he would be a man-child
    even though his profile was ok
  35. why are so many people into tennis??
  36. not sure why I passed on this guy either
    maybe because he's from the same uni as me
  37. looks like a sadboi from his photos
  38. pretentious
    "doesn't use the dog snapchat filter" / likes "staying as far away as humanly possible from nightclubs"
  39. couldn't tell if he's actually a dick or just trying too hard to be funny
  40. probably very smart but there's more to it than that
  41. another League person
  42. I don't enjoy biking or sports
    also I feel obligated to reject dental students
  43. probably works in my mom's department
  44. Capitalizes Every First Letter
  45. profile was vague but props for being a food scientist I guess
  46. too many group pictures
  47. really into raving and cars
  48. boring
    if you're looking for someone who keeps the conversation're not that interesting
  49. I don't like snowboarding
  50. almost every picture was a group picture
    also, I don't like golf
  51. What I look for: "isn't like the other girls" "breathes"
    I started another list for this dude
  52. lots of snapchat selfies
  53. really into traveling
  54. location was in Pennsylvania??
  55. has really thin eyebrows
    other than that, just didn't seem like there was common ground
  56. likes the TV show Friends
    also I'm not a big traveling person
  57. doesn't seem to know how to smile in pictures
    smart tho!!
  58. cannot tell anything about his personality other than how much he likes the Warriors
  59. seems nice but also insecure, which is a questionable combo
  60. meh
  61. dog was cuter than him; self-proclaimed "NPR guy"
  62. I'm intimidated by really athletic people
    I'm "active" but not "athletic"
  63. apparently very into coffee
  64. I am: "Probably a weaboo"
    also some v questionable jokes
  65. unrelated, but if I had $1 for every Fushimi Inari Taisha picture I'd have like $10
  66. probably an Asian Greek, definitely raves
    likes cereal tho; little bro would approve
  67. couldn't tell who he was because he only had group pictures
  68. looked like one of my teammates
    and not one of the cute ones
  69. bad teeth
  70. might be a little too full of himself
  71. this dude had the longest profile I've seen to date; "I am..." section took up my entire screen
  72. mehhh do you know how many people like gaming, dancing, and hanging out with friends
  73. nothing against people who are really into hiking, that's just not my scene
  74. I like: "horror movies, music festivals, and lifting weights"
    I do know all the words to my favorite Kendrick song tho
  75. I am: "Well versed in the art of dreams and memes"
    TBH that describes some of my friends he's probably aight
  76. seems like a tool
  77. sparse profile
  78. bad teeth; also definitely pretentious
    I appreciate when my date: "isn't afraid to laugh like a banshee during fancy dinner dates" um
  79. binge-watching TV isn't in my list of interests
    he had a great selfie with a goat though
  80. board gamezz
  81. clearly very smart!! just maybe not the one for me
  82. didn't have a single picture that clearly showed his face
    it's a basic caring thing
  83. Works at: Pornhub
  84. again...generic
  85. all but said that he doesn't know why he's interesting
    also: azn boi hair straight outta 2009
  86. very into efficiency??
    he seems to know what he's about tho and I respect that
  87. I should have passed on this dude bc he looks like a tool
  88. nothing special
  89. not very specific
    also I have a bad track record with INTJs
  90. specified that he wants his date to share his taste in music
    like...don't you wanna be your own person or some shit