one dude on here is the entire reason I made this list
  1. I like: "exploring the freshest and greatest EDMs"
  2. doesn't look happy in any of his 9 pictures
  3. I am: "too hot to handle"
    respectfully beg to differ
  4. his profile was v based around being outgoing, and that's not really me
  5. profile read like a Nice Guy
    also: "half the Asian, all the sensation"
  6. I appreciate when my date: "has a pulse"
  7. bears striking resemblance to my old captain('s eyebrows)
  8. works for the same company as me; League
    I feel like he changed his profile from when I first looked at it
  9. I am not passionate about cars
  10. kinda goofy and maybe not my type
    seemed like a cool dude tho!
  11. I appreciate when my date: "isn't trying to steal my kidneys, endorses me on LinkedIn"
  12. questionable moose tattoo; blank profile
  13. couldn't tell which person he was in most of his photos
  14. shrug
  15. vague profile
  16. side note: I move to ban Vegas group pictures from profiles UNLESS you're in the front and put stickers over everyone else's faces
  17. putting "fishing" and "raising fish" next to each other under hobbies was a confusing move
  18. a little insecure
    he'll probably get it together in a couple years tho
  19. I appreciate when my date: "smart"
  20. used ampersands in every possible place except for one
    I don't really like the use of ampersand to denote things that are opposites
  21. really really into food
    I am: "forever progressing" was good though
  22. woefully sparse profile
    he was cute
  23. I'm not very into sports
  24. put his tuition debt as the first item on his profile
    he seems aight
  25. he was very upfront about his disdain for The Chainsmokers and I respect that
    wasn't cute though
  26. mostly blank profile
  27. mostly blank profile (but less blank than the previous dude)
  28. not v interesting
  29. I don't even remember this dude's profile
  30. looks suspiciously like someone I went to high school with
  31. profile was written entirely in emojis
    also, no photo; also, dental student
  32. reeeeeally likes ellipses
  33. meh
  34. Employer: "Dat fruit company"
  35. I like: "Chipotle 4 times a week"
  36. bad teeth
  37. linked his Instagram in his bio lolol
  38. "bubbly" isn't necessarily a complement or counterpoint to "quirky"
  39. I am: "Actually 2 minions in a human costume"
    I'm still not over this what the FUCK
  40. mehhh
  41. mehhhh
  42. kind of self-contradictory in an attempt to seem easygoing and spontaneous
  43. was my friend's little
    ...who she disowned
  44. first picture was cropped to focus on his armpit
    probably not intentional
  45. I don't rly like beards
  46. I like: "pretending I know a lot about wine"
    does that make you pretentious or honest? not gonna take the chance
  47. I didn't even know Santa Cruz was in my geographic range
  48. sparse profile
  49. I appreciate when my date: "is smart (Sapiosexual)"
    I made it through 100+ profiles without actually seeing that word