In which I find a narrow outlet for my heightening frustrations
  1. Man sitting on my doorstep smoking a cigarette
    Impervious to requests to move on. A real stonker of a ciggie. Brand unknown. Smelt it well before I saw it
  2. Man smoking in toilet stall next to me
    The perfect complement to a loud, grunty Sichuan stool. In the office toilet. At 9 in the morning. Likely brand: panda
  3. Three men smoking in the hotel elevator
    Red faced and extremely loud. Shitfaced. Beijing bikinis. 3pm. We're definitely in Shandong. Brand known: Chung hwa
  4. Man smoking pushing me out of the way at airport check in desk
    Super keen to check in. Not taking shit from anyone!
  5. Taxi driver chain-smoking dark blue-filtered cigs
    Tight space, windows up, full steam. A fitting night cap to the day's travel.
  6. Man near Changshu Rd subway, 10 cigs at once
    You hear the wracking cough before you even smell the cigs. He's not well.