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  1. There are years that ask questions and years that answer.
    Their eyes were watching god p. 21
  1. Finite
  2. Hygge
  3. Find your tribe
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  1. Sport cars
  2. People who take Snapchat seriously
  1. How Trauma Lodges In the body
    On Being
  1. "Just because I'm pregnant and can't drink alcohol doesn't mean I can't dance"
  2. In a public restroom: "Quentin, you CANNOT look under the doors."
  3. Grandmother: "What kind of ice cream do you want?" Grandson: "Ah... Sure!"
  4. "We are so far removed from worshipping nature"
  1. Anna Karenina
    Leo Tolstoy
  2. Pride and Prejudice
    Jane Austen
  3. Frankenstein
    Mary Shelley
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  1. Lincoln in the barbo
    George Saunders
  2. Call of the Wild
    (Again) Jack London
  3. Upstream
    Mary Oliver
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  1. Pasture walks
  2. These abandoned shoes reminded me of Rachel. Maybe her obsession of feet pictures, and something about them being abandoned.
  3. No explanation needed
  4. Old places