I graduated in 2014. Thank god.
  1. That time I was on the quidditch team. #nice |10-11
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  2. That time I went through a phase where I drew eyes on my hands. #why |11-12
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  3. That time I got high off of sharpie fumes from working on an art piece for class. #fuckartclass |11-12
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  4. That time I spilled hot tea on my thigh on the way to school. #alwaysuseathermos |12-13
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  5. That time I planned a piece, after I finished the piece. #same | 12-13
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  6. That time I pulled an all-nighter for a piece in ib art. #toomanytimes |12-13
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  7. That time I finished my extended essay. #lolfuckthisshit | 13-14
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  8. That time I was left so unstable after an ib exam I had to pet my friend's dog for a while #sad | 13-14
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  9. That time I finally fucking made it out of this hell hole. #fucklinda | 13-14
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