Top 5 Favorite Cookies

These are my top Five favorite Types of cookies ever
  1. 5) Butter: this is the basic bitch of cookies but she's fine and you keep coming back to her!
  2. 4) GINGER SNAP:The Ginger Snap is the only rock hard cookie I really fuck with. The ginger snap needs that frosting on top to put it in the top five level!
  3. 3) OREO: the Oreo is just a moment of genius by any brand. The Oreo is also the most versatile of all the cookies. Basically the Oreo is more then a cookie is a fucking Cookie sandwich.
  4. 2) Chocolate Chip: This could easily be number one. It is number one if its fresh out the oven because nothing is fucking with a warm chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven. Obviously Chips Ahoy is holding the chocolate chip cookie crown but they outdid themselves when the finally made the move to drop the chewy Chips Ahoy.
  5. THIN MINTS: It's not only a cookie it's a fucking season. Honestly, Girl Scouts could almost be considered drug dealers for peddling this product on street corners across the entire US.