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  1. Yeah, I've been to Paris...Paris, Texas
  2. I've been to Mexico dozens of times!! I have tons of family in Mexico, New York.
I'm pretty sure we all have these questions for Lifetime writers
  1. Who brings their laptop to a coffee shop?
  2. What rural town did they film this at?
    90% sure they film all of the movies in Vancouver or Maine
  3. Are they always Canadian?
4 more...
  1. A celebrity
    Michael J. Fox, Jay Leno, Madonna, Badgal Riri, etc.
  2. Dead relatives
    Uncle Jack (the crazy drunk you pretended didn't exist), Great Grandma Lu (she baked a mean pot pie), or the dead dog you had as a baby named Toby
  3. Some kind of snack or baked good
    Lil Debbie (white female rapper), Cinnamon Bun, or Pudding
  4. A strong name to show dominance
    Jesus, America, Europe, Asia, or Holt
  1. *scratches head while trying to think of something*