1. Caterpillar
    Better known as the fancyworm, the lotsalegs or the caterpillar, the caterpillar gorges on leaves until it's ready to enter a cocoon and change form. The caterpillar is truly nature's chameleon. It becomes a butterfly or a moth depending on whether it was thinking about murder the whole time or not.
  2. Butterfly
    The butterfly emerges from the cocoon and with new wings and 'totally under control' nectar problem.
  3. Bird
    The butterfly returns to the cocoon to become a bird, swapping it's weird curly nose for a sturdy beak, because come on, that thing was weird. (Note: Moths become bats at this point.)
  4. Spores
    When they die, birds explode and release all their feathers into the air which land and grow new caterpillars given enough moisture and sunlight. This is why you never see dead birds except in movies. (Hollywood magic, I'm afraid!) The beaks are left for hermit crabs and the feet never existed because they can fly, dummy.