1. β€’
    Cleaned my desk
    Suggested by Β  @wmf
  2. β€’
    Wrapped my last Christmas present! πŸŽ„πŸ‘πŸ»
    Suggested by Β  @jhope71
  3. β€’
    Reclaimed my favorite city from memories of my ex
    Suggested by Β  @hannah_rachel
  4. β€’
    12 consecutive months over goal at work!
    Suggested by Β  @lisarwhite
  5. β€’
    Finally sent an email at work I'd been putting off for forever!
    Suggested by Β  @deb
  6. β€’
    Shamelessly (not really) pooped in a public restroom
    Suggested by Β  @catharuin
  7. β€’
    A lady in Target asked me where the hair aisle was because 'of course you would know where the hair aisle is... Your hair is too beautiful not to' πŸ’πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Ž
    Suggested by Β  @Marna
  8. β€’
    Made it through dinner with my parents without everyone hating each other for differing political beliefs
    Suggested by Β  @tgrizzly
  9. β€’
    I gave my dog a bath and she didn't scratch/bite me at all
    Suggested by Β  @TheOffice
  10. β€’
    I was accepted to grad school!!!
    Suggested by Β  @estone
  11. β€’
    Rescuing my phone after dropping it in avocado
    Suggested by Β  @maggieannre
  12. β€’
    Posting something immensely personal, even if I took it down after ten minutes. πŸ™ƒπŸ˜±πŸ–πŸΌ
    Suggested by Β  @biz
  13. β€’
    Got out of bed and did things.
    Suggested by Β  @shaista
  14. β€’
    Put up a curtain rail #DIYking
    Suggested by Β  @reallyreillyh
  15. β€’
    Early morning journaling.
    Suggested by Β  @ridwan
  16. β€’
    Went to sleep on the lawn in the sun after my lunch break. Was never found out. Went back to work 😎
    Suggested by Β  @ellaNaaman
  17. β€’
    Ate the last piece of produce before I fly easy for 2 weeks! πŸ…
    Suggested by Β  @vavanessala
  18. β€’
    Brought home my schools chinchilla for holiday break. This is my first pet in 34 years.
    Suggested by Β  @Mbates11
  19. β€’
    Had a really promising date.
    Suggested by Β  @SheStoodAkimbo
  20. β€’
    Climbed a steep trail to get this view of a massive waterfall.
    Suggested by Β  @dev
  21. β€’
    Set my mom's 20 year old oven on fire four days before Christmas dinner. But my dad decided it was time for them to get a new oven so she's getting a new one sooner rather than later now! πŸ’
    Suggested by Β  @cw12
  22. β€’
    Made taper candles out of bees wax
    My family have bees for honey and we made candles out of the wax. And I didn't burn myself, which is huge
    Suggested by Β  @libby92
  23. β€’
    Got into a fight with my dad and (basically) resolved it in the same day instead of us parting ways angrily for days. Ok maybe not "triumph," but I need all the small victories I can take.
    Suggested by Β  @yllwbrckrd
  24. β€’
    Watched an entire movie without checking my email.
    Suggested by Β  @ChiCindy
  25. β€’
    Booked my wife a spa day to be revealed at her surprise birthday party on Saturday
    Suggested by Β  @edge
  26. β€’
    I learned from reading @ChrisK 's list that it's HAN Solo not HANS Solo. I've been wrong for decades.
    Suggested by Β  @AlyciaCT
  27. β€’
    I turned 22
    Suggested by Β  @andrewjorg
  28. β€’
    I arrived at my parents' house for Christmas week!
    Suggested by Β  @srikala12001
  29. β€’
    Gingerbread cookies!
    Suggested by Β  @mandaleigh
  30. β€’
    I kept going. πŸ’ͺ
    Suggested by Β  @hennyfairquesadilla
  31. β€’
    after being back in LA for 5 hours, I got a job offer.
    Suggested by Β  @stacymichelle
  32. β€’
    changed my first diaper (no gagging either!!) after the baby peed all over my brand :) new :) jeans!!
    Suggested by Β  @brownqueen