1. Mickey the cashier in the basement of The Strand
    I went Christmas shopping today at The Strand and the guy who rang me up was so sweet and had a beard and was so happy and was nice to me and made me laugh and smile. It was a crowded place and a busy and rainy day, so it was nice to have a fun interaction with a stranger.
    Suggested by @zeldafitzlauryn
  2. My dad
    We went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens tonight (my second time). We both love Rey.
    Suggested by @moonjockey
  3. The lady at Popeye's told me to have a good night and drive safe!
    Important because people were driving like idiots.
    Suggested by @peachney
  4. My daughter, Bryn
    Not only did she prove her intelligence by scoring a 99 on her geometry test (which made me really proud), she laughed at my jokes AND she told me she loves me (with no prompting). A trifecta in my book!
    Suggested by @lynn0826
  5. The hostel owner who took me to see little penguins on the beach.
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    In Timaru, New Zealand
    Suggested by @cheelz
  6. My 8 month old son
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    He has been an extremely cooperative travel companion on our holiday roadtrip. This is him putting up w going to. The beach we used to visit in Rhode Island in wind and rain.
    Suggested by @rearroon
  7. My daughter posing with the cookie she decorated and saying "This is the one Im most proud of." You, Livvy Bug, are what I'm most proud of.
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    Suggested by @SandraladaDee
  8. Will.
    (My boyfriend) came over to pick me up to go shopping, but we opted for an hour and a half nap time instead when we accidentally knocked out asleep on the couch! #qualitytime 😂💕
    Suggested by @genericamanda
  9. I had dinner and drinks with an old friend from back home tonight. It was so nice to see them & catch up on the last five years!
    Suggested by @minxsie
  10. My secretary, who gave me a wonderfully thoughtful holiday present! 💜
    Suggested by @deb
  11. A customer in work
    He came in and gave me some Christmas cupcakes with ornaments on the top. Made my day as it's rare we get tips or even nice customers :).
    Suggested by @kathryn0304
  12. Dallas
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    My coworker, who surprised me with these AWESOME socks.
    Suggested by @ronlank
  13. My boss
    She let me leave at 1:30 since I am once again sick with some bizarre illness after dealing with one too many sick babies
    Suggested by @katiesham
  14. My big sister
    Who reassured me when I told her I was having a bad body image day.
    Suggested by @shepeesa
  15. My first sighting of List in the wild! @sophia and I were having lunch at Petit Trois and met @bioblues after seeing him making his first list next to us.
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    Suggested by @bjnovak
  16. Peter, Paul and Mary
    Hearing their " Leaving on a Jet Plane" made my day. And then my husband chucked me under the chin during the line, " so kiss me and smile for me...
    Suggested by @jannychan