1. The snapchat lens where you've got a rainbow booger.
    Suggested by @evak
  2. When my student said "You can be pretty nice...when you're in a good mood!" (And I said "Same goes for you, Antonio!")
    Suggested by @duff
  3. Jotted a note on the bottom of a chemistry assignment because it was the only paper I had around.... forgot about the note.... handed it in... and it turns out I wrote a pseudo-love letter to my adult male chemistry teacher!
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    FYI I'm a sixteen year old girl - when he handed back the assignments we all had a good laugh though
    Suggested by @neanbean
  4. The Mindy Project, also made me cry but that's beside the point.
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    Suggested by @daniela
  5. When I wrote a list of pet peeves & then had to audition with (and kiss) a guy who did no fewer than 4 of those pet peeves.
    Suggested by @brookielyons
  6. Watching The Muppets + Fresh Off The Boat
    Suggested by @Egghead
  7. This convo w Mom and Dad
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    Suggested by @danrobert
  8. @today's now-archived donut sun profile pic
    Suggested by @dev
  9. This video of Dame Maggie Smith on a British Chat show! Dowager #ftw till the end!
    Suggested by @DawnCloud
  10. My phone call with @Price
    Low-key comedic genius
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  11. This note inexplicably left in my classroom by an anonymous student.
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    Suggested by @emilysullivan
  12. Realizing true absurdity: late-night paper writing turns sour and I asked my friend to slap me for the adrenaline/adventure.
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    Oh you better believe we did it
    Suggested by @oholivia
  13. When my daughter pronounced "tarantula" and "tarugala". Like if a spider and leafy greens had a baby.
    Suggested by @d3j2caliman
  14. Watching the Oprah "bees are coming!!" video again
    Suggested by @courtbees
  15. My two year old playing in the sandbox pretending to be a baby beaver. Sounded like he was saying "Baby Bieber" "Mommy, look! Baby Bieber is coming!"
    Suggested by @ShelbyGeidner
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    Ugly crying laughter. "I forgot about her face!"
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  17. My sister telling me a story about how in middle school she and her friends went into a burned down restaurant and she kept saying "ghost" in a Spanish accent
    Suggested by @JongheeQ
  18. Listening to "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" on the radio!
    Suggested by @futurewriter13
  19. Watching Antman movie " I think we should call the Avengers"
    Suggested by @eva
  20. This conversation about chickens and eggs.
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    Suggested by @SheStoodAkimbo
  21. The Force Awakens press conference hosted by Mindy Kaling
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    I don't understand why this happened, but I am so glad that it did.
    Suggested by @moonjockey
  22. When my 4 year old daughter was singing herself to sleep and sang "they think I am exhausted, but I am just tired. I am tired."
    Suggested by @CheckeredOwl
  23. When our professor extended the deadline for our paper to the last day of the semester and 90% of the class burst into immediate applause.
    Suggested by @pestokelsey
  24. When my friend sent me this picture captioned "so this is college"
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    Suggested by @mek11
  25. A novel: Man at the Helm by Nina Stibbe.
    Suggested by @bethy9331
  26. This pic of @john from "This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday". (😂)
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    Suggested by @vitoria
  27. Called myself a "Project Coordinator" in front of my boss. He said, "Really?" Then he gave me a raise right in the spot!
    Suggested by @mwbarnhart54