1. Wu Tang Christmas Sweater
    Suggested by   @Trugh25
  2. My favorite shorty pajamas, cos winter has not arrived.
    Suggested by   @Starmist
  3. My denim jacket with Dead & Co. Lapel pins
    From the New York and Minneapolis shows
    Suggested by   @brendang
  4. Lol the shirt that's in my icon!
    Suggested by   @ErinFlaherty
  5. Grey pants, black boots, and animal print shirt in black, white and grey because I went to the theater.
    Suggested by   @Mbates11
  6. Flannel pajamas with cupcakes on them
    Suggested by   @kellyadoran
  7. Old big apple tee !
    Suggested by   @pop_mayhem
  8. The only clean clothes I have left because it's finals week
    Suggested by   @mcdouble
  9. My moms old jacket
    Suggested by   @torihyder
  10. White Gap t-shirt (layering), Uniqlo lime green beck sweater and Gray chinos. Very comfy for work clothes!
    Suggested by   @lynn0826