1. Walking around and holding hands in Los Feliz, CA
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    Suggested by @ChristaBullock
  2. In bed. Reading @mindy's book.
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    Suggested by @shainadesai
  3. Hanging with my kids.
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    Suggested by @beth7401
  4. On the trail.
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    Suggested by @wmf
  5. Home
    More specifically, my living room. 🙃
    Suggested by @biz
  6. My friend's room working on final papers all day 😩
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    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  7. The Museum of Flight 🎄✈️
    Suggested by @brrosenau
  8. Outdoors ☀️
    Cleaned the car, cleaned the dogs, setting up for family BBQ. Christmas in summer is wonderful!
    Suggested by @fleur
  9. My kitchen
    Making chocolate truffles! 🎄
    Suggested by @ramivaa
  10. Hosting my annual Christmas Baking Day!
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    Suggested by @bitchybutbubbly
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    Suggested by @allievice
  12. Postmatesing caviar, watching Scream Queens at home.
    Suggested by @jennikonner
  13. Walking down the HighLine
    Suggested by @poopiej
  14. Wandering around Barnes & Noble because I have no idea how to shop for Christmas presents.
    Sorry BJ I did Book with no pictures last year.
    Suggested by @shield
  15. With this mooch!
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    Suggested by @Kay2012
  16. Chanukkah party!
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    Suggested by @yikes
  17. In the kitchen! 🍪
    Making chocolate scones and nutella rugelach for a brunch cookie exchange!
    Suggested by @deb
  18. Dressed up as buddy the elf.
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    Suggested by @tanner90
  19. Driving in the desert.
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    Suggested by @bredee
  20. At home, working on a calligraphy project and making marshmallows.
    Suggested by @hippiechick
  21. Admiring children's fashion on the LA metro
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    Suggested by @mianguyen
  22. Filming a short film in a really pretty town
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    Suggested by @mess
  23. In bed watching broad city
    Suggested by @kasey_johnson
  24. Browsing this Instagram account
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    Suggested by @hannahanderson
  25. At this little nugget's 1st birthday party!
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    Suggested by @catstrauch
  26. Singing with the Frolicking Fjords at Olaf's Snow Fest in Disney California Adventure
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    Suggested by @redredrobyn
  27. Throwing an epic taco party for my one year old. With @catstrauch
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    Suggested by @katewiebe
  28. Getting ready for my big goose holiday dinner.
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    Suggested by @kia_zaza
  29. On my couch, watching The Mindy Project and trying to stop my dog from destroying my Christmas tree
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    Suggested by @shanndelier
  30. On Alcatraz with my friend Suzy
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    Suggested by @brookerandell
  31. In my bed studying for the final exam of a course called "Fungal Jungle"
    Suggested by @tgrizzly
  32. At the Vineyard!
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    Suggested by @wdrazovich
  33. Running a marathon
    Super soggy & flooded 26.2 in College Station, TX. Enjoyed it in spite of the conditions that made it more of an adventure race. Not my best time but decent 3:33:33
    Suggested by @themohawkmoon