5 Things You Do That May Make Spring Allergies Worse

Spring months bring warmer temps and longer hours of sunshine, they also bring about seasonal allergies. Three allergy specialists have identified the most common errors made at this time of year and the simple strategies that can make you breathe easier: http://www.today.com/health/5-things-you-do-may-make-spring-allergies-worse-2D79514818
  1. Getting a late start
    “Many people think of their allergy medications as something they take in response to their symptoms rather than trying to be proactive and taking them ahead of time,” says Dr. James Sublett. Instead of waiting until you start sneezing and wheezing, he recommends beginning your allergy meds around one to two weeks before your symptoms surface.
  2. Letting the outside air in
    “A huge mistake allergy suffers make is opening their windows in order to air out their home or office,” says Dr. Rana S. Bonds. This action will have the opposite effect — the plant pollen will make its way indoors and attach itself to your surroundings.
  3. Exercising outside in the a.m.
    Save the power walking and jogging for the afternoon or evening hours — pollen counts tend to be higher in the morning, says Dr. Andrew W. Murphy. “I hate to tell people to stay inside, but if you’re suffering badly, a better alternative is working out indoors.”
  4. Forgetting to take an evening shower
    “Once you’re in for the night, hop in the shower — even if it’s the second one of the day — and wash the pollens off,” says Murphy. Keep in mind that it only takes one step into the great outdoors for tiny pollen particles to cling to your body.
  5. Self-diagnosing your allergy triggers
    “If you have moderate to severe allergies, don’t expect OTC medication to totally take care of the problem,” says Sublett. Your best bet is to seek care from a board-certified allergist who can pinpoint your specific allergies.