Or rather waking up
  1. Enjoying some much deserved extra sleep
    Ok, let's just go with needed sleep
  2. Deep in REM
  3. Having an awesome dream
    Some kind of action scenario, but I can recall details
  4. Waking up in the middle of that state is abrupt
  5. Muzzie headed
  6. Not really sure what's going on
  7. Well, the video portion of the dream cuts right out
  8. But the audio- I was still expecting the music
  9. Not sure why I was expecting it. Don't think I've had that expectation in the past. Kinda funny.
  10. It must have been some really great music
  11. Bonus Content: I enjoy getting flashes of the dream back later. Sometimes it leads to fully remembering other times it's like Jason Bourne where it's just flashes and I don't have 7 movies to get it all back.
    But if it doesn't happen in day 1 or 2, not gonna happen