An awesome(?) movie starring Lee Majors
  1. I watched this at some point in the past
  2. And liked the theme
  3. It’s a movie you can like because of the theme
  4. (you know what I mean)
  5. Anyway, I have this fond memory of Lee Majors speaking to a group at this cool, modern civic space - a modern, theater style city hall
  6. That was beige
  7. Beige
  8. Well, for some reason I wanted to see if I could find the movie
  9. I own the VHS. Found it online? Or somewhere, but does not exist on DVD
  10. Found it on YouTube
  11. And the civic center was...
  13. Dark Blue
  14. Nope. Something to went wrong somewhere
  15. So, that was the biggest interesting part I fondly remember
  16. The country part is cool too, but I’ll list about that next week
  17. This is not part of the movie, but a part of my childhood...