There's lots of songwriting seminars out there. Even for Christian music. But why are so any focused on the "music biz" aspect? I'd love to teach a class on writing-songs-for-corporate-worship. No talk of CCLI and record deals - just How Do I Write Stuff For My People? Here's why I want to do this.
  1. I don't think the CCM industry has a clue when it comes to local church worship. We're all going to need a lot more good, original tunes very soon.
  2. It's tempting for worship leaders to write lazy. (Especially if they're liked by the congregation.)
  3. Songwriting is a great way to protect your church from becoming personality driven. Let the songs speak for you every now and then.
  4. Worship leaders are terrible at hanging out with other worship leaders. Co-writing would be a great remedy for that.