and speaking for that matter
  1. weary = tired, wary = skeptical
    pronounced we're-e vs. wear-e
  2. anways is not actually a word, anyway
  3. irony does not mean coincidence
    irony usually means something is so incongruent it is uncanny. it's ironic that Ben Carson doesn't think he is qualified to be Secretary of Education given that he believed himself qualified enough to be President. it is not ironic that you were just talking about rain and now it's raining.
  4. irregardless is a stupid word.
    it doesn't mean anything and only became a word because the kardashians used it so much it gained meaning. (just guessing here) but really at its best it's a nonstandard or double negative, at its worst, well, you sound uneducated. regardless, you can do better.
  5. adverse = detrimental, averse = against
    there were adverse effects, you weren't adverse to doing that. you may be averse to smoking because of its adverse effects on your health.
  6. a cliché is a noun not an adjective
    that character was a cliché, her writing used a lot of clichés; but that was not a cliché example - perhaps it was common, run-of-the-mill, perfunctory or predictable but just because it was boring or used a lot doesn't make it a cliché. think of the crazy ex - he was suuuccch a cliché.
  7. hone = to sharpen, home in on = focus on
    you hone skills, you home in on the conversation at hand
  8. AND FINALLY... literally does not mean figuratively.
    you literally can even
  9. n.b - punctuation tips not included cause aesthetics > punctuation on the internet sometimes