it's just gross!
  1. Not only is it unhelpful in communicating a particularity about yourself it's actually just kind of wrong.
  2. The word anal comes from the freudian term anal-retentive
    so if you're going to use the word, don't abrev.
  3. Freud hypothesized that kids who experienced conflict during their toilet-training stage (cough cough anal), were more likely to carry "anal" characteristics later in life, categorizing them as anal-retentive
  4. But it was highly disputed and eventually there proved to be very little evidence of this being true.
    pop-psychology is a thing!
  5. So there really is no reason we should still be using that word to describe anything other than a rectum.
    Or I suppose, if you don't care that his theory was proved inconsequential, some other habit you developed during toilet-training.
  6. Plus it rarely communicates what you actually mean.
    When you say your anal do you really mean you have a great attention for detail? Or a short fuse? Are you particular? Or fastidious? Are you orderly or just specifically careful? Use your words, your bigger, less gross words!
  7. The more you know, the less anal.