And analysis
  1. I punch someone in the face for unspecified reasons and run away. Outside I find a bag of sandwiches covered in cocaine and invent a device to gently blow the cocaine away without damaging the sandwiches. The machine is largely a repurposed cappuccino maker.
  2. Analysis: i should spend more time working on inventions
  3. Dream 2
  4. My brother is being held hostage by a South American revolutionary group in the jungle
  5. I go undercover and infiltrate the group
  6. The group is throwing a big party, im helping them set up
  7. This female revolutionary says to me that she thinks it's interesting that 'in our language, the word for potato and tiger are interchangeable'
  8. This other guy goes, 'that's because a potato is a staple of life and a tiger is a staple of death'
  9. I don't think that makes sense but I don't say anything
  10. It turns out that the party the rebels are throwing is going to feature a live performance from Sarah Silverman
  11. I overhear the leader of the rebels instructing her as to what language is and isn't appropriate.
  12. And then he mentions that he'll do ten minutes before bringing her on
  13. Is this whole rebellion about this guy getting his comedy career started?
  14. Sarah asks him to pay her up front
  15. Just then the military attacks and I wake up as the rebels are being mowed down all around me
  16. Analysis: I hope Sarah made it out okay