1. On the bus in 7th grade
    This older kid bullied me like crazy every day. One morning I worked up the courage(?) to tell him he was lucky his dad was dead so he wouldn't have to see what creep his kid was and he punched out my remaining baby teeth. His friend pulled him off me and explained that was a trigger because his dad actually was dead. I was like, yeah I know.
  2. In art class 8th grade
    I don't remember why but this kid M I was friends with punched me in the face and fucked up my braces. I cried super hard because I'd previously assumed was be friends forever. He later became a noted online anti-Semite so I dodged a bullet
  3. Summer after 9th grade, poolside
    This kid jabbed my sister with a paper clip, drawing blood, so I went after him. I hit him, then his brother hit me in the head with a bike helmet and punched me while I was stunned
  4. Multiple occasions in 1999-2000
    My friends and I had regular boxing matches in my parents backyard. We only had one pair of boxing gloves so each person got one.
  5. Richmond VA 2008
    Interrupted a mugging near my apt. 2 guys. I punched one of them, the other punched me, then the first guy pulled a kitchen knife and tries to stab me. Luckily some bar patrons came to my rescue. I cried all night.