1. Charles Grodin
    Locked me in his basement and made me watch Clifford with him, then take a test consisting of 13 essay questions about the film
  2. Bill Murray
    Kidnapped my nephew and wouldn't release him until I watched Razors Edge
  3. Juliette Binoche
    Guilted me into watching Clouds of Silas Maria
  4. John Mahoney
    I was hanging out at this club in 2001 when Mahoney barged in with a bunch of armed guards. They locked the doors and confiscated everyone's phones and wouldnt let anyone leave until after watching Primal Fear. When it was over they returned our stuff and Mahoney paid everyone's bar bill.
  5. Rooney Mara
    Appeared on Letterman promoting Side Effects and I dunno, she was just really charming.