I know you're all anxious for the straight dope on @saytrumbo so here it is
  1. Anna can't/won't eat unless someone is watching and if she's chewing and you stop looking she'll spit out whatever food is in her mouth
  2. She spends a couple hours a week down at the local soup kitchen combing beards
  3. She lost her glasses and refuses to get new ones. Check out the cat she adopted
  4. She sleeps with a body pillow that has life-sized portrait of George W Bush on it
  5. And in a rocking chair beside her bed there's a body pillow with a life size portrait of Dick Cheney that I guess just watches?
  6. But before she falls asleep every night she asks the Cheney pillow if that's ok
  7. She's gets really defensive if you mention the screams coming from her basement
  8. She said she wanted to show me the act she performed in her high school talent show and then did this
    I guess it's conceptual?
  9. She's so fucking fun