1. A guy who looked a little like Lou Ferigno telling this guy at the table next to ours a long story about how he had a bobcat trapped in his patio. He said he was aware that some people might see keeping the animal there as cruel, but that he felt a kinship to the cat and that the cat was on the verge of feeling the connection as well
  2. Bumping into Pierre Bernard, asking him how he was enjoying the show, and him launching into an epic monologue about how he couldn't find the booth he was looking for and how he'd rearrange the floor given the opportunity
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  3. Scott Adsit looking at me like I was a huge asshole for laughing during the Eisner Award ceremony
  4. My friend and I got lost one night after the show. We walked around for like an hour and a half without seeing another living soul and then, when we did, ran over hoping whoever it was might be able to give us directions. The person we saw turned out to be Zachary Quinto and when he saw us coming he ran away like his life was in danger
    I think it was the night after they announced he was going to play Spock, maybe?
  5. In the men's room, I witnessed 3 guys--a batman, a ghostbuster, and a wolverine--arguing about who could take the biggest dump. The wolverine guy said he was sure he would win because he was wolverine, and 'the best there is at what I do'
    I didn't stick around to see if he was all talk or not