1. Hey baby how about you and i spend some time getting to the bottom of how our respective families ruined us?
  2. Hey, think you can fix me?
  3. Would you like to maybe engage in some innocuous activity that serves to bide time until we're comfortable fucking?
  4. Have you ever been on a yacht? Would you like to? Do you know anyone with access to a yacht? Me neither. How about coffee instead?
  5. Hey I hope this isn't too forward but I can really see myself painfully debating whether to pull the plug on you one day.
  6. Hey, You look like the kind of girl whose daddy issues might really compliment my mean streak
  7. Let's dispense with the formalities and get right to the part where you catch me masturbating to your high school yearbook.
  8. The bad news is that I poisoned your drink. The good news is that we have both antidote and Clue on DVD at my daddy's cabin
    That one via @DanaDigsYou