It's been a real education watching @DanaDigsYou work
  1. Hey c'mere
  2. Can I gets power of attorney?
    Baby wants to make medical decisions about dat ass
  3. Is that a bag of jalepeno Cheetos in your pocket or are you going to disappoint me?
  4. 'Dada?'
  5. Are you a butcher? Because I wanna fuck in a room full of knives and meat.
  6. Boy you're like wisdom teeth, after you get pulled out I'm gonna lay on the couch eating soup for three days.
  7. [points to crotch] Please?
  8. My vagina looks like something Beetlejuice came up with to freak out Catherine O'Hara. Can you deal with that? You can? Okay get in the van.
    This one worked twice--on some kid we met and on the cop who came looking for the kid.