1. Wake up early to get some writing done before I have to plan the 6 hours of class I have to teach later in the day
  2. Writing goals change abruptly when sudden freelance assignment shows up in inbox. I can swing it if I skip the gym
  3. Drive from one Starbucks to the next just to look at something else for a while
  4. Look at planning I've already done and realize it's gibberish, start over
  5. Eyes start feeling gummy. Going blind from looking at computer screen for so long?
  6. Did I read somewhere once that high blood pressure can lead to impaired vision? Am I actually having a stroke?
  7. Slice of pizza for lunch despite fear of stroke
    Bad as I wanna be
  8. More planning
  9. Consider smashing laptop with hammer when gmail takes too long loading
  10. Realize my paycheck hasn't been deposited
  11. Call human resources, told I wasn't paid because I never turned in my contract
    I did turn it in HR admits contracts sometimes get lost
  12. Told I'll get my money July 16
  13. Lose my mind and drive to campus, confront human resources guy face to face
  14. Hear myself say 'you don't care because you got paid today. You get to go home tonight and sleep in a bed and I have to go sleep in a pile of garbage'
    This feels like the ecstatic truth but isn't going to win the argument
  15. Drive back to Starbucks and answer emails from students asking if it's cool they skip tonight, if we're going to do anything important
  16. Listen to old lady at next table tell a long story about how people up north don't know how to make sweet tea
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    Maybe the south never rose again due to diabetes, ever consider that?
  17. Teach for six hours
  18. This