1. On saturday I was walking out of Barnes and Noble and this guy walked out right behind me talking on the phone
  2. He was leaving someone a voicemail about how he and his wife and kid had pulled off the highway to get gas only to realize he didn't have his wallet and now they're stranded and don't know anyone in the area
  3. He walked up to this car where his wife was waiting and stood there talking to her
  4. I walked to my car
  5. Telling someone you're stranded without gas in a parking lot where you don't know anyone is one of the oldest tricks there is when trying to make a couple bucks
    There was this dude in Richmond who looked exactly like the bad guy in kindergarten cop who tried this one on me every time I went to the grocery store for YEARS
  6. But I've never encountered this (possible) variation on it
  7. this guy didn't ask me for anything or talk to me, he was just on the phone
  8. While walking right behind me
  9. I thought about it for a minute
  10. Maybe it was a new variation on an old trick
  11. Maybe it was actually sincere
  12. His nostril were very red and raw
  13. I gave him 5 bucks
  14. He seemed grateful
  15. I decided I'd pay someone 5 bucks to teach me a new trick
  16. And that since I'd never know either way I got to choose to believe I'd done the right thing