1. From 2007-2009 Tim Kaine was an alternate in my breakdancing crew, The Little Peppers
  2. One night one of the guys in the main crew, Fa-la-la-kour, almost didn't make it because his step-dad got Bit by an otter down by the river and had to be hospitalized
  3. Tim was so excited
  4. And so ready
  5. And so nervous
  6. But at the last moment 'kour showed up
  7. Tim never actually got to participate in a battle
  8. But he never missed a single one
  9. This is while he's governor, by the way
  10. Eventually The Little Peppers split into a few rival crews
  11. Me and 'Kour became The Pep Cats
  12. Otis and Bun$on Moneydew formed a group named Winona? Ride her!
  13. We asked Tim Kaine to join the Pep Cats but he said his wife was bugging him about taking governing more seriously
  14. The last time I saw him he said he felt a big hole in his heart without breakdancing
  15. I hope this VP thing fills it